Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Case Examples

Season 2
 Wrong is Right- Maureen witnessed a crime scene- teenager Michael Goren did the murder of his adopted father; Maureen gave Elliot the idea to talk to his friends regarding the case.
Pique- Dr. Haung suggested to Elliot to share in Jason Mayberry's hatred of women. Elliot used Kathy as an example- referring her as a stupid stone-crunching slut who spends all the money and doesn't give Elliot any. Elliot gave the impression of being a responsible guy, a good man caught out there from a woman looking for a free ride. His only refuge is his job.

Season 3
 Popular- Kathy told Elliot about her friend, nurse Carol Porter, who treated a teenage Cynthia Wilmont who was allegedly raped by her teacher and did not want to report it; but Elliot was determined

Season 6
Scavenger- Humphrey Becker wanted to be interrogated by Elliot alone with nobody coming in to help. When Olivia and Dr. Haung called Elliot on his cell about his information and method(s) to talk to Humphrey. Elliot pretended to be talking to his wife.
Doubt- Myra Denning accused Elliot of sexually harrassing her. Her lawyer, Lorna Scarry, had investigators research Elliot and discovered that his wife filed for legal separation and living with her mother, taking the children.
 Game- Dickie made the connection of Melody Quinn's death from a computer game, NtenCity
 Hooked- Elliot discovered Kathleen's ex-boyfriend was on a list of HIV patients that were exposed to Lisa Downey
Pure- Alleged psychic Sebastian Ballentin used Elliot's family to rattle him
 Blood- Kathleen was arrested for making an illegal U-turn while driving drunk. Elliot tried to cover it up

Season 8
 Clock- Elliot was testifying in Janey Speer's trial and was asked by her attorney, Colette Walsh, about Kathleen and her boyfriend.
 Responsible- Elliot turned to Kathleen for her knowledge of underage drinking and navigating some webpage blogs for his case
 Screwed- Judge Elizabeth Donnelly resurrected Kathleen's DUI arrest

Season 9
 Alternate- Kathleen was sentenced to community service- picking up trash out on the streets

Season 10
 Trials- Elliot tracked down the payments of his stolen credit card and had them arrested. Turned out to be Kathleen and her boyfriend
Confession- Pediphax webmaster Jake Berlin put up Elizabeth's old school picture to set Elliot up to physically assault him- which resulted in suspension
 Swing- Kathleen was arrested for burgarly and larceny; she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Kathleen pleaded guilty and agreed to get help and take the medication
 Lunacy- Dickie witnessed the shootings of Vince Beckwith and Anton Thibodeaux. Dickie was presented a mini toy rocket, given by Dick Finley that Elliot used to get Dick's fingerprints to prove his guilt on murdering Marga Janssen
 Crush- Olivia enlisted Kathleen to help Kim Garret to face her abuse from her boyfriend, Steve Walker

Season 11
 Turmoil- Dickie and his best friend, Shane Newsome, went missing. Dickie was found while physically assaulting Harold Moore- who was high. Shane was found dead, killed by Harold who was in desperate need of money (he was homeless)
Shadow- Anne Gillette threatened Elliot's family. He took Kathy and the kids to her sister's for safety.
Torch- Elliot's former partner and ADA Jo Marlowe recalled Elliot's 3 steps of interrogating: empathy, use his family, go for the close.

Season 12
Gray- Kathleen got access to pass along Chuck Mills' disciplinary file to help Elliot with his case

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