Monday, September 10, 2012

Cage (season 8)

Elliot was injured by being stabbed by a pen from a kid, Marc, while questioning. Dani accompanied Elliot to the ER rather than on location with Munch and Fin. Elliot and Dani were sharing an intimate moment until Elliot heard Kathy's voice
Kathy: Thank you Doctor...Elliot? Don Cragen called and said that you had been stabbed
Elliot: It was a kid with a pen, he shouldn't have called you
Kathleen: Yes, he should've Dad! We were worried about you
Elliot: Honey, it's nothing really...this is my new partner, Dani Beck. My wife, Kathy
Kathy: How do you do?
Dani: Hi
Elliot: Kathleen
Dani: Hi
Dani decides to leave to check on Eden (a little girl who was found with Marc). Kathy and Kathleen found out that Olivia is undercover for the Feds.
Dani: ...I'll see you guys. Take care of him.
Kathy: We will. Thanks.
Dani leaves while Kathleen and Kathy tease Elliot.

Note: This was Connie Nielsen's last episode of her 6-episode arc as a temporary replacement for Mariska Harigtay, who was on maternity leave.

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