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Savant (season 9)

Elliot and Olivia were questioning the parents at the Busken Group Counseling Center of disabled and mentally-challenged children. Afterwards, Olivia was talking about the case in her own version/theories until realizing that Elliot's mind is elsewhere.
Olivia: How's Kathy?
Elliot: Over 40 and having a baby. Just can't stop thinking about all the bad things that can happen.
Olivia: So why don't you see a Doctor?
Elliot: We're Catholic, maybe it's better not to know.

Risk (season 4)

Elliot went undercover to expose an illegal drug and baby ring. Elliot shot a dirty cop and was put on desk duty. Kathy visited him at work; John saw her and suggested to Elliot to take a break.
Kathy: I bought you some dinner
Elliot: Now is not a good time
Kathy: You've got to eat
Elliot: I've got to find this guy
Kathy: It's after midnight, come home, get some rest.
Elliot: Kathy, I can't leave
Kathy was being affectionate to her husband- touching his neck and shoulder, kissing him on the cheek. Elliot heard John tell Olivia about a new lead and wants to be involved
Elliot: Hug the kids, I love you, thanks for dinner
When Elliot was leaving, he grabbed Kathy's head and kissed her on the lips

Case Examples

Season 2
 Wrong is Right- Maureen witnessed a crime scene- teenager Michael Goren did the murder of his adopted father; Maureen gave Elliot the idea to talk to his friends regarding the case.
Pique- Dr. Haung suggested to Elliot to share in Jason Mayberry's hatred of women. Elliot used Kathy as an example- referring her as a stupid stone-crunching slut who spends all the money and doesn't give Elliot any. Elliot gave the impression of being a responsible guy, a good man caught out there from a woman looking for a free ride. His only refuge is his job.

Season 3
 Popular- Kathy told Elliot about her friend, nurse Carol Porter, who treated a teenage Cynthia Wilmont who was allegedly raped by her teacher and did not want to report it; but Elliot was determined

Season 6
Scavenger- Humphrey Becker wanted to be interrogated by Elliot alone with nobody coming in to help. When Olivia and Dr. Haung called Elliot on his cell about his information and method(s) to talk to Humphrey. Elliot pretended to be talking to his wife.
Doubt- Myra Denning accused Elliot of sexually harrassing her. Her lawyer, Lorna Scarry, had investigators research Elliot and discovered that his wife filed for legal separation and living with her mother, taking the children.
 Game- Dickie made the connection of Melody Quinn's death from a computer game, NtenCity
 Hooked- Elliot discovered Kathleen's ex-boyfriend was on a list of HIV patients that were exposed to Lisa Downey
Pure- Alleged psychic Sebastian Ballentin used Elliot's family to rattle him
 Blood- Kathleen was arrested for making an illegal U-turn while driving drunk. Elliot tried to cover it up

Season 8
 Clock- Elliot was testifying in Janey Speer's trial and was asked by her attorney, Colette Walsh, about Kathleen and her boyfriend.
 Responsible- Elliot turned to Kathleen for her knowledge of underage drinking and navigating some webpage blogs for his case
 Screwed- Judge Elizabeth Donnelly resurrected Kathleen's DUI arrest

Season 9
 Alternate- Kathleen was sentenced to community service- picking up trash out on the streets

Season 10
 Trials- Elliot tracked down the payments of his stolen credit card and had them arrested. Turned out to be Kathleen and her boyfriend
Confession- Pediphax webmaster Jake Berlin put up Elizabeth's old school picture to set Elliot up to physically assault him- which resulted in suspension
 Swing- Kathleen was arrested for burgarly and larceny; she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Kathleen pleaded guilty and agreed to get help and take the medication
 Lunacy- Dickie witnessed the shootings of Vince Beckwith and Anton Thibodeaux. Dickie was presented a mini toy rocket, given by Dick Finley that Elliot used to get Dick's fingerprints to prove his guilt on murdering Marga Janssen
 Crush- Olivia enlisted Kathleen to help Kim Garret to face her abuse from her boyfriend, Steve Walker

Season 11
 Turmoil- Dickie and his best friend, Shane Newsome, went missing. Dickie was found while physically assaulting Harold Moore- who was high. Shane was found dead, killed by Harold who was in desperate need of money (he was homeless)
Shadow- Anne Gillette threatened Elliot's family. He took Kathy and the kids to her sister's for safety.
Torch- Elliot's former partner and ADA Jo Marlowe recalled Elliot's 3 steps of interrogating: empathy, use his family, go for the close.

Season 12
Gray- Kathleen got access to pass along Chuck Mills' disciplinary file to help Elliot with his case

Elliot's Partners

 Jo Marlowe
Jo trained Elliot as a cop and they were partners until she left to go to law school after being a cop for 10 years. Jo became an Assistant District Attorney and was transferred to SVU by DA Jack McCoy to replace Alex Cabot. A year before joining SVU, Jo battled breast cancer and went through a break-up. Jo no longer represent SVU
 Pete Breslin
Elliot's radio car partner. Pete and his wife Lily divorced after he and Elliot parted; she moved to Michigan and doesn't keep contact with her ex husband or their son, Luke. Luke was on steroids after being pressured by Pete, who mentally and physically abused him. Luke was arrested after hitting his best friend Pamela at school and after discovering the drugs in court, Pete and Luke got into a fight in the court's bathroom. Elliot broke them apart and fought with Pete. Elliot went in couseling. Laker, Luke (high on steroids) shot Pete, who survived.

Dave Rosetti
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit who committed suicide during a case against Matthew Brotus

'Old Fatso' Alfonse
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit who retired to Florida
 Olivia Benson
Elliot's partner in Special Victims Unit since 1999 until 2011. Their partnership was longer than any other partners in the Unit. Elliot and Olivia have supported each other, saving their jobs, and getting close. Olivia was with Kathy when she gave birth to Eli. In 2011, Elliot retired from the Unit, without telling Olivia.
 John Hawkins
Elliot's teacher from the Police Academy who briefly partnered with him to catch a serial rapist-murderer from John's past case.
Sam Bishop
A Homicide Detective who was partnered with Elliot for a joint murder and pedophile case
 Lucius Blaine
A Special Victims Unit Detective from Queens, New York who had a reputation for bending the law like Elliot, while Olivia was transferred to Computer Crimes
 Dani Beck
A Warrants Detective who was transferred to Special Victims Unit to replace Olivia (while undercover for the FBI). Dani was a widow when her husband was murdered. Elliot and Dani were attracted toeach other, going as far to kiss and hold hands. Dani couldn't handle the victims and returned back to Warrants
Victor Moran
A Detective who liked to work alone, pairing up to work with Elliot and Fin on a serial rapist-murderer. His ex-wife and daughter were in a car accident- killing the ex wife while his daughter was in a coma. She later died, Victor donated her organs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cage (season 8)

Elliot was injured by being stabbed by a pen from a kid, Marc, while questioning. Dani accompanied Elliot to the ER rather than on location with Munch and Fin. Elliot and Dani were sharing an intimate moment until Elliot heard Kathy's voice
Kathy: Thank you Doctor...Elliot? Don Cragen called and said that you had been stabbed
Elliot: It was a kid with a pen, he shouldn't have called you
Kathleen: Yes, he should've Dad! We were worried about you
Elliot: Honey, it's nothing really...this is my new partner, Dani Beck. My wife, Kathy
Kathy: How do you do?
Dani: Hi
Elliot: Kathleen
Dani: Hi
Dani decides to leave to check on Eden (a little girl who was found with Marc). Kathy and Kathleen found out that Olivia is undercover for the Feds.
Dani: ...I'll see you guys. Take care of him.
Kathy: We will. Thanks.
Dani leaves while Kathleen and Kathy tease Elliot.

Note: This was Connie Nielsen's last episode of her 6-episode arc as a temporary replacement for Mariska Harigtay, who was on maternity leave.

Quotes from 'Unofficial Companion of SVU' 2009

"'This is the right role for me and I should have it'. And then I got the part and that was that. I was in the first episode." -Isabel

"During this show, I've been engaged, married, had two babies of my own, got divorced, got remarried, got pregnant again" -Isabel
(note: sadly, her third pregnancy ended in a miscarriage)

"I can't do a TV show or a movie in LA or Vancouver because I have these kids, and for a long time I was a single mother so I really couldn't go anywhere so I just do this and I got married to a wonderful man, and I don't know- nice life!" -Isabel

"Kathy really has her family and she wishes it was more intact sometimes, and can be disappointed. But I think Elliot and Kathy have a nice marriage, they get it about marriage." -Isabel

"I love seeing what happens to Elliot in terms of the family. So many people watch it who have children and worry about what would happen if something dreadful happened to them, so the family is comforting in a way. It would almost be too cold for the lead Detective to have no reflective sensibility" -Isabel

"I love it. The thing about SVU is the humanity of it. I like that the family has a part in that, because it brings more humanity to the show. I feel incredibly proud to be a part of it, the whole franchise. It's a good example of how entertainment can work for people in their lives." -Isabel
"I think that a partnership between two cops is about as intimate a relationship as you can get. So what does that mean for men and women that work together in those situations every day? There's something they share that they don't share with others. In some ways, Stabler has two wives." -Amanda Green, SVU writer

"Stabler's wife is resigned she will never really have him to herself. To me, his family is immaterial. His wife's a bit player. He's miserable without Benson. I always see them as incredibly intimate in every single way." -Judith McCreary, SVU writer

"I remember being shocked when Neal Baer allowed the Stablers to separate. I do see that, as much as he loves Benson, she's the one who's still looking for the love of her life; he's found it. Dick would never allow soon as you get them together, the show's over." -Dawn DeNoon, SVU writer
"I'm the man in her (Olivia) life. I'm the solid guy, maybe the shoulder to cry on. It was very interesting, you know, when she delivers my wife's baby. We're rehearsing the scene and I said, 'Guys, I have to hug her. This is the only time this is going to happen, this is the only opportunity where I will initate physical contact with this woman...' That to me was the crux. Why? What comes out is 'Thank you'. Not 'I love you'." -Christopher

"There are people on the Internet who are like, 'I wish she'd died in that season 9 car crash!' Which is a little bit weird, I mean, don't wish death on anybody." -Isabel

"We figured let's have the other woman is his life deliver Kathy's baby. When we screeened that episode in the editing room, everyone was startled by the autoaccident. They didn't see it coming." -Neal Baer, SVU's Executive Producer

"The issue in this episode was partly how a cop leaves crime at the office when he comes home." -Jeff Eckerle (about Wrong is Right)

"This episode really affected me and it really affected Chris. There's a scene in a bar where Cragen has to pick up Stabler...and he tells the story where he smacked his kid once. It was some of the most emotional stuff Chris has done and on a personal level. In those moments you have Elliot Stabler and Chris Meloni and you don't know where the line is- and when it mixes like that, that's very ethereal." -Dann Florek (about Shaken)

"That look at the end between Dickie Stabler and his father is implied in the script but I might have taken it another step." -David Platt (about Game)

"What does Stabler get with his wife? 'Mow the lawn. Take out the trash. I need a check for the tuition. Spank Dickie, he was bad at school today.' The mundane side of life is what we have when we come home. At work, you have the very highs and very lows but it's never going to be 'Take out the trash'". -Amanda Green (about Underbelly)

"I wanted Stabler naked in that scene and figure what better place to see than his rear end? NBC has a 2-inch crack rule." -Peter Leto (about Annihilated)

Kathy & the Kids

With a husband mostly working at all hours of the day and night, Kathy raised her four (later five) children practically on her own. When she left Elliot, Kathy took her children with her. With or without Elliot around, Kathy was very close to her children and was there for them. It was abundantly clear to Elliot that Kathy is the parent and he's the paycheck. None of the kids ever really talked back to Kathy as they have done so to Elliot, never displaying any anger towards her
Maureen filled Kathy in on her new boyfriend (and childhood friend) Jim Delmonico. When Elliot grounded Maureen for sneaking out and in late at night, Kathy didn't agree but went along after he reminded her that if her parents treated her that way then they wouldn't have had Maureen.
 When Elliot grounded Kathleen for having low grades, she tried to turn to Kathy to defend her but she had nothing to say, so Kathleen gave up and went to her room in a huff. When Kathleen was arrested for DUI, Kathy came to take Kathleen home.
When Dickie and Elliot were butting heads over his drug-recovery best friend, Shane Newsome, Dickie said nothing to or about Kathy when he was threatening that Elliot would never see him again when wanting to join the Army. He normally wouldn't worry Kathy as he did when Dickie was missing (looking for Shane).
As for Eli, Kathy was very loving and affectionate towards her baby boy (despite driving her crazy while colic)

In turn, the children seem to protect their mother- Kathleen found Elliot downstairs late at night after he and Kathy had sex. Kathleen easily figured out what had happened and told Elliot to either come home or don't- there's nothing in between, it's not fair to her mom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home (season 5)

 Elliot and Dickie were playing a board game. Elliot playfully hid one of the pieces while Dickie was taking his turn but caught him, accusing Elliot of cheating. Elliot picked up Dickie, rough-housing until his cell phone rang, putting him on the top bedbunk. Kathy was watching and laughing.

Elliot believed that it was young Jacob Nesbit while Kathy sent Dickie to get some cookies. There was nobody on the line.
Kathy: Is that the boy from today?
Elliot: Yeah, I think so
Kathy: Go
Elliot and Kathy kissed each other on the lips goodbye before he leaves.

Note: This was the last episode of the Stablers before their two-year separation/reunion

Spotted: A Baby Bump

In season 5's Home, Isabel was pregnant in real life with her second child, born in May 2004. In the show, it was hidden as Kathy wasn't supposed to be pregnant (wait until 4 seasons later!) however I caught it. It took me a little while to notice but I caught it.

Rescue (season 12)

Don and Gillian ordered Olivia that she's off the Vivian Arliss case as she's the guardian of the suspect's son, Calvin. They feared that Olivia could be seen as a Detective who's desperately wanting a family and convince a drug addict to keep Calvin. Olivia denied it. Don and Gillian also ordered Elliot to be off the case.
Elliot: Who's going to accuse me of stealing someone else's kid? I already got 5 of my own
Gillian pointed out that he and Olivia have been partners for over a decade; they have each other's backs and are closer than married couples.

Chat Room (season 1)

 Elliot was fixing Kathy a glass of wine (while he had a bottle of beer) talking about his case: an online pedophile. Kathy would find spam emails that has something to show her but was smart enough to delete while teens would fall for the bait.
Kathy: And if we get them...
Elliot: Dickie, Maureen, Elizabeth, and Kathleen do too, I know.
Kathy: It scares me
Elliot: Honey, it scares me too. But I can't just walk into a room and restrain a guy
Kathy: Why not?
Elliot: I mean, these predators, you tell me where they are. I can't hear them, I can't see them.
Kathy: But they're out there
Elliot: Honey, they're in here
Elliot pointed to the computer behind him.
 Maureen was getting ready to leave to go study at her friend's house. Maureen realized that Elliot knew more than she told him. Elliot has been reading her emails and being over-protective. Maureen told him that she deleted all of the spam. Elliot wanted to talk about this while Maureen thought he's being paranoid.
Maureen: This is going real well. You want to read my journal too?
Elliot: No!...You have a journal?
Maureen: Unbelievable!
Maureen ran up the stairs and slammed the door.
Maureen was trying to get on the computer to do her homework and was having problems logging on because Elliot put in a child-safety lock. Elliot couldn't log in but Maureen managed to know another way in without the password. Elliot realized it's that easy.
Maureen: Yes. When are you going to start trusting me?
Elliot: I trust you. Look, sometimes I bring my work with me. Right now, I'm chasing a guy out there in cyberspace who goes after little girls. You know how I lock up all the doors and windows? Now they're coming in through there. This is about fear. This is not about trust.
Maureen: Stop reading my email
Elliot: Okay, I promise. And I'm sorry.
Elliot kissed Maureen on the forehead and left her to do homework.

Like Father, Like Son

Drinking beverages right from the carton

Elliot & Kathy Meet

 For 12 seasons, it was unclear about how Elliot and Kathy met. It was clear that they got together while still young as in high school sweethearts. It was also (quietly) known that Elliot and Kathy got married while expecting Maureen. It wasn't until Gray when Elliot was investigating a rape case at Hudson University involving with alcohol. John Munch reminded Elliot that he met Kathy over a keg at a frat party. However, Elliot was never a frat boy (he went into the Marines first then community college taking night courses while he was already married) and it was more romantic than the way John described it. Later, at home, Elliot was thinking about it and wondered what would've happened if they hadn't gotten drunk despite after being married for 26 years and 5 children. Kathy remembered how much she wanted to kiss Elliot, but she didn't because she was scared. Meanwhile, it took Elliot 3 beers to work up the nerve to say Hello. Then they both got really drunk. But Kathy wasn't drunk enough to know what she was doing
It very much sounded like they were attracted to each other, love at first sight, but needed alcohol to boost up their confidence. It's very possible that Maureen was conceived that night but it wasn't said. It's also very possible (and I'm believing it) that both Elliot and Kathy were both in high school students who snuck out to go to a high school or college party thrown by mutual acquintances. By 20 years old, Elliot was already married with a child and went into the Marines when he was 18- so estimating that both Elliot and Kathy were about 17 years old by the time they met and married. Back in season 1's Sophmore Jinx, Elliot grounded Maureen for sneaking out late at night and was in her room for days; if Kathy's parents grounded her like that then Elliot and Kathy wouldn't have had Maureen.
In Gray, Elliot was probably wondering if Kathy thought he took advantage, but not so as Kathy felt the same way. Plus he wanted to know why Kathy just didn't go up to kiss him- a complete stranger!


Sisters of Mercy- Bayside, Queens
Queens Community College
Police Academy

Glen Oaks High School
Hudson University

Glen Oaks High School
Hudson University

Cardinal Catholic Preparatory School

Glen Oaks High School