Friday, August 17, 2012

Maureen Stabler

 Elliot and Kathy got married while they were expecting Maureen when they were not yet 20 years old (estimating 17 years old). Elliot was present for the birth, helping to deliver the baby. To make ends meet to support themselves, Elliot and Kathy took turns working. Kathy worked during the day while Elliot worked nights while one would be home with the baby. While Kathy worked, Elliot would be trying to sleep while his baby would want to cry. But he did enjoy his time with her- taking Maureen to the playground, the grocery store, etc. and would watch obsessively the men around rather than her. Elliot wanted to protect his baby from anything they might do to her. Despite her arrival while Elliot and Kathy were young, Maureen was a loved child and it was clear to see that Elliot adored Maureen. Elliot gave up his brief-moment dream of becoming a fighter-pilot so he could take care of his family and take responsibilities. At the age of 18, Elliot went into the Marines for 2 years, returning back when Maureen was a toddler. Elliot was unemployed and Kathy was pregnant again when one night she went out, leaving Elliot home alone with Maureen. She spilled juice on a brand new carpet that they just bought but could barely afford. Elliot grabbed her to spank her but Maureen twisted around, Elliot slapped her face. When his hand came down for the second time, a voice in his head told him to stop. Elliot then realized what he was doing, holding the limp body of his little girl: he could have killed her over a carpet! Elliot held Maureen in his arms, apologizing over and over again- the memory haunted him.
 When Maureen was a teen, Elliot had a difficult time adjusting to the fact that she was becoming a woman. Elliot noticed Maureen's anorexia-in-training diet and asked Dr. Elizabeth Olivet's help to explain the difference in eating disorders. Elliot realized that Maureen didn't have any symptoms and she looked healthy enough to him. Maureen had her own share of rebellion: sneaking out in the middle of the night to hang out with her friends until she was caught by Elliot when she was sneaking back in. He grounded her since she didn't provide the answers Elliot wanted to know. His greatest fear was finding her body somewhere.
 One summer in 2000, Elliot picked Maureen up from a beach party and approached a crime scnee of a dead man who was on fire. Maureen saw the whole thing and was shaken, seeing what her father does for a living. She had nightmares and it got under Elliot's skin. Maureen managed to get over it and concentrated on her school grades. Maureen wanted to go to Columbia University but since Elliot was distracted with work, he forgot to send in a check for an application. Maureen ended up going to Hudson University.
 She continued to live at home, even going along with Kathy when she left Elliot and moved in with her mother. When the kids were visiting Elliot, Maureen would drive. But by the time Kathy and the children moved back into the family home, Maureen did not.

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