Saturday, August 11, 2012

Little Tidbits

Elliot's wedding ring was not just a prop- it was Christopher's real life wedding ring

Christopher is married to Doris Sherman Williams since 1995 with 2 children

Isabel was married to DeSales Harrison from 1999 until 2005 with 2 children. Isabel is married to Peter Todd Lattman since 2007

Isabel was a guest on 'Law & Order' (the mothership) in an episode "Bad Girl" in 1998. The following year, Isabel wanted and got the role of Kathy Stabler

The episode that prompted Isabel's return as a recurring role again was Clock in season 8, resulting the Stablers' marriage back on track. Isabel had moved to Ohio and left acting until her divorce.

Chrostpher and Isabel's scene in season 12's Delinquent was filmed on the last day of filming on April 21, 2011, wrapping up the season. The official last day was supposed to be on April 20th, but Delinquent turned out to be under the time limit and needed 3 more scenes to be just right timing. It turned out to be the final scene for the both of them.

Erin, Holiday, Patricia, and Jeffrey were first seen in season 1 episode 2's A Single Life

Dickie and Elizabeth were first known as 'twins' in season 2 opener's Wrong is Right

Allison started as Kathleen in season 3; it wasn't until season 6 for her to share a scene with her TV siblings. Except for Eli (born in season 9) despite being in the same episode (Swing, season 10), they did not share any scenes together...

...Kathleen was the only child to be onscreen with Kathy, then pregnant with Eli in season 9. Dickie was the first and only older sibling to share a scene with Eli in season 11.

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