Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hospital Stays

Victims- hand cut injury while searching Win-Mick Auto Shop and was later exposed to HIV. He was prescribed antiretrovirals for a month. Elliot was HIV-negative.
Raw- shot in the arm by Kyle Ackerman in court; went to Bellevue Hospital
Informed- was knocked out unconcious after an explosion at Mitchell Hissam's cabin with FBI agent Dana Lewis
Cage- stabbed by a pen by Marc while trying to interview him
Loophole- was thrown out of the window by 'Cupid'; went to Bellevue Hospital
Blinded- was head-butted by Saul Picard smashing his head threw the car window, affecting his eye-sight
Wildlife- shot in the chest and upper arm by Andre Busido
Solitary- pushed off the roof of an apartment building by Callum Donovan
Penetration- shot in the arm by a ricocheted bullet in the shoulder by FBI agent Dana Lewis
Kathy & Eli
Paternity- was in a car accident that resulted the birth of her son, Eli, while on the way to Mercy Hospital in the ambulance
Swing- overdose on pills; was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at St. Mark's Hospital

Quarry- appendictis

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