Saturday, August 11, 2012

Elliot's Non-Episodes

Elliot was the main character, appearing in almost every episode until Christopher decided not to return to the show for it's 13th season and onward. Here are the episodes that Elliot was not in:
Rotten (season 4)- VICAP seminar
-Christopher was filming Pandora, tandem

911 (season 7)- case in Brooklyn
-Christopher was filming Name, tandem

Signature (season 9) -extradition in Montreal with Fin
-Christopher was filming Unorthodox, tandem

PTSD (season 10) -no reason given
-Christopher was filming Babes, tandem

Dirty (season 12) -flu
-Christopher was filming Mask, tandem

What is tandem?
Tandem is when two episodes are being filmed at the same time

After Elliot's departure from SVU, he was rarely mentioned (with the exception of the first two episodes).
Scorched Earth
Personal Fouls
Educated Guess
Theatre Tricks
Justice Denied
Surrender Benson
Surrendering Noah

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