Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elliot in Trouble

Season 2
Wrong is Right- Elliot was in trouble from his psych evaluation for fantazing killing perps by the Morris Commission

Season 4
Disappearing Acts- Elliot (and Olivia) was arrested by the FBI after trying to arrest Gavin Sipes, who was in Witness Protection
Risk- Elliot shot Brad Kendall, a dirty cop. He was put on modified assignment- restricted, desk duty, can not make any arrests, or interrogate any suspects.

Season 5
Coerced- Elliot alledgelly tried to coerced information from Kevin Walker
Head- Elliot was sexually assaulted by Meredith Rice- he pushed her when she suffered a seizure from a brain tumor

Season 6
Debt- Elliot shot a man who held a gun to Ping Wu's head- had to meet IAB
Doubt- Myra Denning accused Elliot for sexually harrassing her when he took her home from the hospital after her rape kit exam
Blood- Kevin Rogers filed an official complaint against Elliot for harrassing his mother, Jenny, while he was checking on for elderly abuse

Season 8
Dependent- Elliot was accused for killing Ryan Bedford when he tried to make an arrest, having to chase and fight him down until he realized that Ryan wasn't breathing. Ryan's family filed for a wrongful death suit. Elliot was suspended unitl a second autopsy proved his innocence
Haystack- Peggy and Paddy Kendall sued Elliot (and Casey Novak) for harrassment and violation of their civil rights
Screwed- Elliot came close to perjury regarding his testimony about Kathleen's DUI charge; her arrest was resurrected

Season 10
Confession- Elliot assaulted Jake Berlin for putting up Elizabeth's old school photo up on his pedophile site. Elliot was suspended with no pay

Season 12
Pop- Elliot was accused of beating up Hank Roberts; it was a set up
Delinquent- Elliot was set up again when he was accused of molesting Hunter Mazelon
Smoked- Elliot shot Jenna Fox, who was shooting at the men who were involved in her mother's rape and murder; she also shot Sister Peg

Season 13
Scorched Earth- Although cleared from shooting Jenna Fox, Elliot's full jacket went under investigation as it was his 6th shooting. Elliot put his papers in to retire

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