Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elliot Going Undercover

Gregory Elliot (Risk)
Director of Station Operations for Global Package Express who's a drug dealer with a gambling problem. Lives in Forest Hills; married with four children

Elliot 'Mac' MacEvoy (Ripped)
A mechanic released from Attica as a sex offender. Mac had an affair with his girlfriend's teenage daughter and attended group therapy to shadow sex offender Ray Schenkel, a suspect in a rape case that happened not long after he was released from prison

Mike Kanicki (Wildlife)
U.S. Customs Agent who smuggles ecstasy for a couple of years and looking for his next move: smuggling rare exotic animals. Lived in Queens and single. Mike was shot twice by Andre Busdio; to cover Elliot's survival, it was said that Mike was killed by a roberry gone bad

Other Undercover Alias
Chat Room- online pedophile along with John Munch to meet with other pedophiles to find more victims
Hooked- as himself, coming to Barrington Hotel from a long flight, requesting for a hooker
Blast- delivery man for the Hunters to smuggle in Ruben Morales, from TARU, to track down calls
Sin- Doctor/nurse at St. Mark's Hospital
Crush- Mr. Sirota from Brooklyn who has a 13 year old daughter who went joyriding with her 15 year old boyfriend
Sugar- a first time client for Tasty Sugar, an escort service
Ace- Glenn Butler who owned a confection company, trying to adopt with his wife, Beth
Bombshell- married to Olivia to check out on a swingers club
Mask- as a sex addict accountant who had a promiscious daughter

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