Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bang (season 12)

Elliot was interrogating Ken Turner, a reproductive abuser who had multiple children with many women (he had 47)
Ken: What about you Detective? You got kids?
Elliot: Yeah, with my wife.
Ken: How many?
Elliot: Not as many as you
Ken: How many, Detective?
Elliot: Five
Ken: Five children? That's interesting. You know, the national average is 1.83. See, I think you understand the urge, but you're limited by fear, or weakness, or lack of means, lack of mojo. See, at heart I think you really want to be me.
Elliot: I helped my children with their homework every night. And I gave them love and I gave them attention every day. Now, how much time do you spend with your kids? 'Cause it seems to me you spend all of it trying to make more. See, being a father is about support, not spawn.
Ken: Every man dreams about bedding lots of women. C'mon, admit it Detective. You know you want to bang your partner. Watch her grow swollen with your child. And why not, man? She'd give you beautiful babies.
Elliot: You are sick son of a bitch.

Elliot came out to see Dr. Audrey Shelton, a therapist for domestic violence, who was watching the interrogation. They briefly exchanged about them following their parents' career footsteps.
Elliot: Oh, Dad was a cop. Not that I ever wanted to follow in his footsteps.

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