Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Kids Too Many?

All too often I have seen posts from viewers (not just from Elliot-Olivia shippers, there's also regular ol' plain viewers too) who claim that having 4 to 5 children is too many. Perhaps that's true- I don't even have one child and from experience, even only one can be a handful! But the amount of children that Elliot has does not bother me. Why should it? He's Catholic and Catholic families do have quite a number of children. My Grandmother's eldest brother got married to a Catholic and they had 8 children- now that's a lot! My Grandfather is also Catholic (although he's not very religious, I don't think I even know him ever going to Mass or have a rosary) and he had 4 sisters, one of five children. Then again, it's not just the Catholics: My Grandmother (who's brother had 8 kids and was married to my Catholic Grandfather) also came from a family of five children.
Another point that viewers all alike like to point out is if Elliot and Kathy have 5 children then that means they are sluts! Huh? Elliot and Kathy have been married for over 25 years and their children's ages are pretty spaced out. There's a good 3 year difference between Maureen and Kathleen, there's a good gap with the twins, and a much bigger gap between the twins and Eli. And there's also another issue of their dating but that's going to be saved for another entry about infedility.
So I wonder, if my Great-Grandparents and Elliot/Kathy have five children and that makes them sluts, wonder what The Duggars with 19 children are?
I'm (not) sorry but having five children in an almost 30 year marriage does not qualify anybody as a slut or anything of the matter other than the couple just enjoying having sex. I also don't qualify The Duggars as sluts but my uterus does cringe at the thought of having that many children passing through. 

Additional Point: Jayne Mansfield also had five children with 3 different men- Mariska Hargitay is #4...(and no, I'm not calling Jayne a slut, I happen to love Jayne so there's no need to name call)

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