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5 Kids Too Many?

All too often I have seen posts from viewers (not just from Elliot-Olivia shippers, there's also regular ol' plain viewers too) who claim that having 4 to 5 children is too many. Perhaps that's true- I don't even have one child and from experience, even only one can be a handful! But the amount of children that Elliot has does not bother me. Why should it? He's Catholic and Catholic families do have quite a number of children. My Grandmother's eldest brother got married to a Catholic and they had 8 children- now that's a lot! My Grandfather is also Catholic (although he's not very religious, I don't think I even know him ever going to Mass or have a rosary) and he had 4 sisters, one of five children. Then again, it's not just the Catholics: My Grandmother (who's brother had 8 kids and was married to my Catholic Grandfather) also came from a family of five children.
Another point that viewers all alike like to point out is if Elliot and Kathy have 5 children then that means they are sluts! Huh? Elliot and Kathy have been married for over 25 years and their children's ages are pretty spaced out. There's a good 3 year difference between Maureen and Kathleen, there's a good gap with the twins, and a much bigger gap between the twins and Eli. And there's also another issue of their dating but that's going to be saved for another entry about infedility.
So I wonder, if my Great-Grandparents and Elliot/Kathy have five children and that makes them sluts, wonder what The Duggars with 19 children are?
I'm (not) sorry but having five children in an almost 30 year marriage does not qualify anybody as a slut or anything of the matter other than the couple just enjoying having sex. I also don't qualify The Duggars as sluts but my uterus does cringe at the thought of having that many children passing through. 

Additional Point: Jayne Mansfield also had five children with 3 different men- Mariska Hargitay is #4...(and no, I'm not calling Jayne a slut, I happen to love Jayne so there's no need to name call)

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Bang (season 12)

Elliot was interrogating Ken Turner, a reproductive abuser who had multiple children with many women (he had 47)
Ken: What about you Detective? You got kids?
Elliot: Yeah, with my wife.
Ken: How many?
Elliot: Not as many as you
Ken: How many, Detective?
Elliot: Five
Ken: Five children? That's interesting. You know, the national average is 1.83. See, I think you understand the urge, but you're limited by fear, or weakness, or lack of means, lack of mojo. See, at heart I think you really want to be me.
Elliot: I helped my children with their homework every night. And I gave them love and I gave them attention every day. Now, how much time do you spend with your kids? 'Cause it seems to me you spend all of it trying to make more. See, being a father is about support, not spawn.
Ken: Every man dreams about bedding lots of women. C'mon, admit it Detective. You know you want to bang your partner. Watch her grow swollen with your child. And why not, man? She'd give you beautiful babies.
Elliot: You are sick son of a bitch.

Elliot came out to see Dr. Audrey Shelton, a therapist for domestic violence, who was watching the interrogation. They briefly exchanged about them following their parents' career footsteps.
Elliot: Oh, Dad was a cop. Not that I ever wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Unorthodox (Season 9)

Casey was getting ready for the arraignment of young Jack Trembloy- who raped a fellow classmate due to too much television with no proper supervision. Elliot was having second thought.
Elliot: You know, I was up all night with the baby, and it got me thinking
Casey: You want me to send Jack to Family Court
Elliot: No, I want to do what's right, Casey
Casey: Sleep deprivation's making you soft, Elliot

Later, Elliot and Casey were discussing how kids are easily exposed to sex no matter how hard parents try to shield
Casey: Your son turned out okay. You made sure he wasn't exposed to the wrong things
Elliot: You think it was easy?
Elliot continued to go on how smut was everywhere

Elizabeth Stabler

 Elizabeth was the youngest daughter of Elliot and Kathy and the twin of Dickie. Not much is known about her as she was never the focus in any episodes as much as Kathleen, Dickie, Maureen, and Eli were. There's a few things about Elizabeth that did come up.
When learning how to write, Elizabeth used to write her letters backwards that her sisters did not used to do. She was learning how to play the piano.
 When Elizabeth was 15, her old grade school picture somehow got uploaded to 'Pediphax', an online web site for pedophile; it had a motto "look but don't touch". After Elliot and Olivia questioned the webowner, Jake Berlin, for his knowledge about the case; Jake was attracted to little girls but knows the law and he put the picture up to set Elliot off into assault. He beat Jake up and tried to get Elizabeth's picture off the site himself. Elliot couldn't do it- he needed the password- so Don Cragen ordered Jake to take down the picture. Jake wanted Elliot arrested and to press charges. Instead, Elliot went on unpaid leave until his and Jake's wounds heal.
Elizabeth took part in her school plays; Elliot attended the opening night of "The Diary of Anne Frank" and was going to be in another one that Elliot nearly missed. With Elliot's help, Elizabeth got a job at Target.

Elliot Going Undercover

Gregory Elliot (Risk)
Director of Station Operations for Global Package Express who's a drug dealer with a gambling problem. Lives in Forest Hills; married with four children

Elliot 'Mac' MacEvoy (Ripped)
A mechanic released from Attica as a sex offender. Mac had an affair with his girlfriend's teenage daughter and attended group therapy to shadow sex offender Ray Schenkel, a suspect in a rape case that happened not long after he was released from prison

Mike Kanicki (Wildlife)
U.S. Customs Agent who smuggles ecstasy for a couple of years and looking for his next move: smuggling rare exotic animals. Lived in Queens and single. Mike was shot twice by Andre Busdio; to cover Elliot's survival, it was said that Mike was killed by a roberry gone bad

Other Undercover Alias
Chat Room- online pedophile along with John Munch to meet with other pedophiles to find more victims
Hooked- as himself, coming to Barrington Hotel from a long flight, requesting for a hooker
Blast- delivery man for the Hunters to smuggle in Ruben Morales, from TARU, to track down calls
Sin- Doctor/nurse at St. Mark's Hospital
Crush- Mr. Sirota from Brooklyn who has a 13 year old daughter who went joyriding with her 15 year old boyfriend
Sugar- a first time client for Tasty Sugar, an escort service
Ace- Glenn Butler who owned a confection company, trying to adopt with his wife, Beth
Bombshell- married to Olivia to check out on a swingers club
Mask- as a sex addict accountant who had a promiscious daughter

Elliot in Trouble

Season 2
Wrong is Right- Elliot was in trouble from his psych evaluation for fantazing killing perps by the Morris Commission

Season 4
Disappearing Acts- Elliot (and Olivia) was arrested by the FBI after trying to arrest Gavin Sipes, who was in Witness Protection
Risk- Elliot shot Brad Kendall, a dirty cop. He was put on modified assignment- restricted, desk duty, can not make any arrests, or interrogate any suspects.

Season 5
Coerced- Elliot alledgelly tried to coerced information from Kevin Walker
Head- Elliot was sexually assaulted by Meredith Rice- he pushed her when she suffered a seizure from a brain tumor

Season 6
Debt- Elliot shot a man who held a gun to Ping Wu's head- had to meet IAB
Doubt- Myra Denning accused Elliot for sexually harrassing her when he took her home from the hospital after her rape kit exam
Blood- Kevin Rogers filed an official complaint against Elliot for harrassing his mother, Jenny, while he was checking on for elderly abuse

Season 8
Dependent- Elliot was accused for killing Ryan Bedford when he tried to make an arrest, having to chase and fight him down until he realized that Ryan wasn't breathing. Ryan's family filed for a wrongful death suit. Elliot was suspended unitl a second autopsy proved his innocence
Haystack- Peggy and Paddy Kendall sued Elliot (and Casey Novak) for harrassment and violation of their civil rights
Screwed- Elliot came close to perjury regarding his testimony about Kathleen's DUI charge; her arrest was resurrected

Season 10
Confession- Elliot assaulted Jake Berlin for putting up Elizabeth's old school photo up on his pedophile site. Elliot was suspended with no pay

Season 12
Pop- Elliot was accused of beating up Hank Roberts; it was a set up
Delinquent- Elliot was set up again when he was accused of molesting Hunter Mazelon
Smoked- Elliot shot Jenna Fox, who was shooting at the men who were involved in her mother's rape and murder; she also shot Sister Peg

Season 13
Scorched Earth- Although cleared from shooting Jenna Fox, Elliot's full jacket went under investigation as it was his 6th shooting. Elliot put his papers in to retire

Elliot's Years On the Force

Season 2
14 (cop; Wrong is Right)

Season 3
-joined SVU in 1993 (Rooftop)

Season 6
12 (detective; Conscience)
12 (Doubt)
almost 20 (cop; Night)

Season 7
12 (SVU; Ripped)

Season 8
18 (cop; Haystack)

Season 9
16 (detective; Authority)

Season 13
-retired (Scorched Earth)

Elliot's Work Information

Status: Retired (as of 2011)
Grade Detective: First
Badge Number: 6313
Closure Rate: 97%
Unit: Special Victims
Location: Manhattan; New York City, New York
Pay Salary: $60,000
Social Security: 890-12-XXXX
Blood Type: A+
Cell Phone Number: 917-555-0122

Kathleen's Episodes

Season 1
A Single Life
Or Just Look Like One
Sophmore Jinx

Season 3

Season 6

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 12

Hospital Stays

Victims- hand cut injury while searching Win-Mick Auto Shop and was later exposed to HIV. He was prescribed antiretrovirals for a month. Elliot was HIV-negative.
Raw- shot in the arm by Kyle Ackerman in court; went to Bellevue Hospital
Informed- was knocked out unconcious after an explosion at Mitchell Hissam's cabin with FBI agent Dana Lewis
Cage- stabbed by a pen by Marc while trying to interview him
Loophole- was thrown out of the window by 'Cupid'; went to Bellevue Hospital
Blinded- was head-butted by Saul Picard smashing his head threw the car window, affecting his eye-sight
Wildlife- shot in the chest and upper arm by Andre Busido
Solitary- pushed off the roof of an apartment building by Callum Donovan
Penetration- shot in the arm by a ricocheted bullet in the shoulder by FBI agent Dana Lewis
Kathy & Eli
Paternity- was in a car accident that resulted the birth of her son, Eli, while on the way to Mercy Hospital in the ambulance
Swing- overdose on pills; was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at St. Mark's Hospital

Quarry- appendictis

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Erin the College Girl

(Edit for SVU/acting content) Source: GoErie

Broderick said she decided to pursue a career as a doctor for the same reason she enjoyed acting: She loves working with people.
"I really like connecting with people, and acting was a unique interaction," Broderick said. "But I feel there is no more intimate relationship than between a patient and any clinician. You get to see people during a very vulnerable time in their lives."
So she officially quit acting in 2008 to enroll in a pre-med, post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University.
Medicine seems to run in Broderick's family.
When she was growing up in New Fairfield, Conn., both of her parents worked at a nearby hospital, her father as a doctor and her mother a nurse. Of her four siblings, one is a radiologist technician, another is in his final year at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, one is in a pre-med program and another is studying physical therapy.
But it wasn't always apparent that she'd follow a similar path.
"I asked my mom to bring me to an audition in (New York City) for my birthday one year," Broderick said. "I had no experience or anything. I was 10 years old."
She ended up landing a job on a commercial at that first audition, and she was hooked.
Over the next 13 years, Broderick would work on films, commercials and soap operas, but her most stable and high-profile work was on "Law & Order: SVU."
She said she maintains relationships from that show, including with Christopher Meloni, who played her on-screen father, and series creator Dick Wolf, who wrote two college recommendation letters on her behalf.
But eventually life as a young actress became too much.
"Doing it as an adult is a lot different from doing it as a kid," Broderick said. "As a kid, it was all play and very fun. As an adult, it's an extremely competitive business. It's still fun, but you have to say, 'there is a level of success I may never achieve.'"

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El- common nickname
Sweetheart- Wanderlust
Honey- Or Just Look Like One
My Boy- Swing (Bernadette)

Kath- Countdown, Popular (Olivia), Perverted
Honey- Chat Room, Alternate, Paternity (Olivia)
Sweetheart- Paternity (Olivia)
Sweetie- Paternity (Olivia)
Baby- Countdown, Wildlife
Babe- Paternity, Perverted

Honey- Wanderlust
My Little Girl- Shaken

Katie- Swing (Bernadette)
Honey- Hysteria, Sophmore Jinx, Cage, Swing
Sweetie- Swing (Olivia)
Baby- Blood, Swing

Dickie- common nickname
Dick- Lunacy, Turmoil
My Boy- Lunacy

Hon- Nocturne

Elliot, Jr.
Eli- common nickname
My Little Boy- Selfish

Bernie- Swing


Elliot- October 20

Kathleen- July 13, 1987/1989

Richard & Elizabeth- February 21, 1993

Eli- November 17, 2007

Elliot one time gave Olivia his credit card to get Kathy a birthday present


All too often I would find posters from all over the place (Yahoo Groups, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc) referring Elizabeth as Lizzie, believing that she's been called that one the show. Well, I have news for you: never once during the show Elizabeth was called "Lizzie". Believe me, I checked! But no one has ever shorten Elizabeth's name.

Full Names

Kathleen Louise

Richard Michael
-Michael is his confirmation name after St. Michael, Patron of the Cops; Dickie was originally going to pick Peter but changed it before the ceremony, to Maureen's suprise.
-Dickie was named after Colonel Richard Finlay, an astronaut who Elliot idolized

Elizabeth Claire
-Claire is her confirmation name

Elliot, Jr.
-Eli was named after his father, by Kathy

Maureen Stabler

 Elliot and Kathy got married while they were expecting Maureen when they were not yet 20 years old (estimating 17 years old). Elliot was present for the birth, helping to deliver the baby. To make ends meet to support themselves, Elliot and Kathy took turns working. Kathy worked during the day while Elliot worked nights while one would be home with the baby. While Kathy worked, Elliot would be trying to sleep while his baby would want to cry. But he did enjoy his time with her- taking Maureen to the playground, the grocery store, etc. and would watch obsessively the men around rather than her. Elliot wanted to protect his baby from anything they might do to her. Despite her arrival while Elliot and Kathy were young, Maureen was a loved child and it was clear to see that Elliot adored Maureen. Elliot gave up his brief-moment dream of becoming a fighter-pilot so he could take care of his family and take responsibilities. At the age of 18, Elliot went into the Marines for 2 years, returning back when Maureen was a toddler. Elliot was unemployed and Kathy was pregnant again when one night she went out, leaving Elliot home alone with Maureen. She spilled juice on a brand new carpet that they just bought but could barely afford. Elliot grabbed her to spank her but Maureen twisted around, Elliot slapped her face. When his hand came down for the second time, a voice in his head told him to stop. Elliot then realized what he was doing, holding the limp body of his little girl: he could have killed her over a carpet! Elliot held Maureen in his arms, apologizing over and over again- the memory haunted him.
 When Maureen was a teen, Elliot had a difficult time adjusting to the fact that she was becoming a woman. Elliot noticed Maureen's anorexia-in-training diet and asked Dr. Elizabeth Olivet's help to explain the difference in eating disorders. Elliot realized that Maureen didn't have any symptoms and she looked healthy enough to him. Maureen had her own share of rebellion: sneaking out in the middle of the night to hang out with her friends until she was caught by Elliot when she was sneaking back in. He grounded her since she didn't provide the answers Elliot wanted to know. His greatest fear was finding her body somewhere.
 One summer in 2000, Elliot picked Maureen up from a beach party and approached a crime scnee of a dead man who was on fire. Maureen saw the whole thing and was shaken, seeing what her father does for a living. She had nightmares and it got under Elliot's skin. Maureen managed to get over it and concentrated on her school grades. Maureen wanted to go to Columbia University but since Elliot was distracted with work, he forgot to send in a check for an application. Maureen ended up going to Hudson University.
 She continued to live at home, even going along with Kathy when she left Elliot and moved in with her mother. When the kids were visiting Elliot, Maureen would drive. But by the time Kathy and the children moved back into the family home, Maureen did not.

Maureen's Episodes

Season 1:
A Single Life
Or Just Look Like One
Sophmore Jinx
Chat Room

Season 2:
Wrong is Right

Season 3:

Season 6:

Season 8:

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Season 1 Shorts

Olivia was interrogating Richard White who has stalked and digged up information on her. Richard looked at the interrogation window to talk to Elliot who was watching from behind.
Richard White: Detective Stabler, how are Kathy and the kids?

Elliot and Olivia were going over court files, wanting to talk to Gina Silver. Elliot checked his watch.
Olivia: Hey, why don't you go get out of here. I'll check her out. You are never going to make it for dinner.
Elliot: I'll be surprised if they haven't changed the locks on me.

The Third Guy
Elliot and Olivia were talking to suspect Jimmy Walp's mother, Sylvia, who had 7 children.
Elliot: Well, it's hard to give each kid attention they deserves sometimes

Elliot, Cragen, and Munch were talking to a theft-rape pregnant victim about her pregnancy
Elliot: Before my wife and I had our first child, I always thought 9 months, 36 weeks, boom. But then, you know, it kind of turns out more like 10...depending on time of conception

Little Tidbits

Elliot's wedding ring was not just a prop- it was Christopher's real life wedding ring

Christopher is married to Doris Sherman Williams since 1995 with 2 children

Isabel was married to DeSales Harrison from 1999 until 2005 with 2 children. Isabel is married to Peter Todd Lattman since 2007

Isabel was a guest on 'Law & Order' (the mothership) in an episode "Bad Girl" in 1998. The following year, Isabel wanted and got the role of Kathy Stabler

The episode that prompted Isabel's return as a recurring role again was Clock in season 8, resulting the Stablers' marriage back on track. Isabel had moved to Ohio and left acting until her divorce.

Chrostpher and Isabel's scene in season 12's Delinquent was filmed on the last day of filming on April 21, 2011, wrapping up the season. The official last day was supposed to be on April 20th, but Delinquent turned out to be under the time limit and needed 3 more scenes to be just right timing. It turned out to be the final scene for the both of them.

Erin, Holiday, Patricia, and Jeffrey were first seen in season 1 episode 2's A Single Life

Dickie and Elizabeth were first known as 'twins' in season 2 opener's Wrong is Right

Allison started as Kathleen in season 3; it wasn't until season 6 for her to share a scene with her TV siblings. Except for Eli (born in season 9) despite being in the same episode (Swing, season 10), they did not share any scenes together...

...Kathleen was the only child to be onscreen with Kathy, then pregnant with Eli in season 9. Dickie was the first and only older sibling to share a scene with Eli in season 11.

Facts on Kathy

 Kathy has a sister who lives in New Jersey

If Kathy's parents treated her like Elliot did with Maureen (by grounding her to her room after sneaking out late at night), then she and Elliot wouldn't have had Maureen

Elliot recalled that his first time having sex was painful- he thought he was hurting her. Elliot knocked her up.

Kathy has a cousin who works in Central Booking

When Kathy was separated from Elliot, she lived with her mother with their children

Kathy is close with her mother in law, Bernadette; she called her when Eli was born

Children In Love

Jim Delmonico- a Junior in high school, Fullback 1st string in football, and took her to Homecoming dance
Ryan Witherspoon- going to Post the following year
-dated an older man (when of age)

Jed Baldwin- dated briefly until he broke up with her because she wouldn't have sex with him; he had HIV
Kevin- Elliot and Kathy didn't approve
Tony- a black college guy who briefly dated her, going on a shopping spree with Elliot's credit card without permission
-slept with many guys while undiagnosed with Bipolar disorder
-liked a boy who took a file for her to help Elliot on a rape case

I Love You

In season 8's Scheherezade, Elliot mentioned that he rarely heard his parents say 'I Love You' to him. During his time on the show, Elliot has been very open about his love for his children. Elliot also has said 'I Love You' to Kathy- despite the fact that EO shippers claim he hasn't! Well, here are the episodes where Elliot told Kathy that he loved her (or said he loved her):
Countdown (season 2)
Risk (season 4)
Dependent (season 8)
Paternity (season 9)
Beef (season 11)

Big Blooper: Kathleen's Age

 Usually, SVU does a pretty good job at keeping score on the accurate ages, anniversaries, patnerships, and so on. In season 6, Kathleen was 17 years old when she was picked up for DUI. 
But in season 8, Kathleen was still 17 years old rather than the correct age of 18! If the writers were re-writing history, Kathleen would've been 15 when she was first arrested for drunk driving. That is not legal as 15 years old is a learner's permit age and wouldn't have been able to drive at night (at least, that's the laws in my state are). Viewers have noticed the age blooper, but SVU never corrected.

The following season, Kathleen started in college and in season 10, Kathleen was 19 years old when she should've really been 21.


Season 1:
12- Kathleen (Hysteria)

Season 2:
15- Maureen (Pixies)
16- Maureen (Pique)
8- Dickie and Elizabeth (Countdown- Birthday)

Season 3:
8- Dickie and Elizabeth (Competence)

Season 4:
10- Dickie (Angels)
10- Elizabeth (Appearances)
late 30s- Elliot (Perfect)

Season 6:
Birthday- Elliot (Contagious)
17- Kathleen (Blood)

Season 8:
17- Kathleen (Clock, Screwed)
13- Elizabeth (Underbelly)

Season 9:
over 40- Kathy (Savent, Inconceivable)
Eli was born (Paternity)

Season 10:
15- Elizabeth (Confession)
19- Kathleen (Swing)

Season 11:
16- Dickie (Turmoil)

Years of Marriage

Season 2:
16 years (Asunder)

Season 3:
17 years (Tangled)
18 years (Monogamy)

Season 6:
-legal separation (Doubt)
20 years (Contagious)

Season 7:
-filed for divorce (Raw)

Season 8:
-reunited (Dependent- Screwed)
over 20 years (Annihilated)

Season 12:
26 years (Gray)

Kathy's Episodes

Season 1:
A Single Life
Or Just Look Like One
Sophmore Jinx
Chat Room

Season 2:
Wrong is Right

Season 3:

Season 4:

Season 5:

Season 6:

Season 8:

Season 9:

Season 10:

Season 11:

Season 12:

Elliot's Non-Episodes

Elliot was the main character, appearing in almost every episode until Christopher decided not to return to the show for it's 13th season and onward. Here are the episodes that Elliot was not in:
Rotten (season 4)- VICAP seminar
-Christopher was filming Pandora, tandem

911 (season 7)- case in Brooklyn
-Christopher was filming Name, tandem

Signature (season 9) -extradition in Montreal with Fin
-Christopher was filming Unorthodox, tandem

PTSD (season 10) -no reason given
-Christopher was filming Babes, tandem

Dirty (season 12) -flu
-Christopher was filming Mask, tandem

What is tandem?
Tandem is when two episodes are being filmed at the same time

After Elliot's departure from SVU, he was rarely mentioned (with the exception of the first two episodes).
Scorched Earth
Personal Fouls
Educated Guess
Theatre Tricks
Justice Denied
Surrender Benson
Surrendering Noah


Detective Elliot Stabler --- Christopher Meloni
Kathy Stabler --- Isabel Gillies
Maureen Stabler --- Erin Broderick
Kathleen Stabler --- Holiday Seagel (season 1)
Kathleen Stabler --- Allison Siko (season 3-12)
Richard Stabler (Dickie) --- Jeffrey Scaperrotta
Elizabeth Stabler --- Patricia Cook
Elliot Stabler, Jr. (Eli) --- various
Bernadette McGinley Stabler --- Ellen Burstyn

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For Starters

I didn't actually plan to do this but I saw something that really pissed me off so I got inspired. I saw an Elliot-Olivia shipper post something in the lines of "Elliot-Kathy shippers should not post anything, they don't have the right" blah blah blah. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? But the worst thing about it is that it's over a TV show. A TV show! Can you believe that? Well I'm an Elliot-Kathy shipper, I am not ashamed of saying so, I say it LOUD and PROUD. I will defend my ship, even if they aren't on TV anymore. It's called loyalty. They think, or thought, that everyone was an EO shipper. I am proof that I am not like "everyone" else. Believe it or not, there are EK shippers. And believe me, we are very  happy with the way things went: Elliot retired from SVU and is with Kathy and their children. Or at least, I'm happy about that.
I would like to say that I do not plan on trash talking the EO shippers or Elliot and Olivia's relationship. I'm going to put down what happened on the show, what was said, etc. as neutral as possible. 

Over the next few days, weeks, years, this blog will feature articles, quotes, screen caps, pictures, whatever I have my hands on that prove that Elliot really did love his wife Kathy and was committed to his family. I will post to my heart's content. However, this blog is not going to be updated forever. It will eventually end unless there's something worthy to add (a return to SVU, a mention in an interview, important news, etc) but I'll be sure to keep it online for many many years.
You can call it an obsession. It kinda is, I admit it as much. But I also like to think of the as a good source guide. Like if you forgot an episode with a certain line or you're looking for an article about Christopher Meloni talking about Elliot Stabler- this blog could help!
But I would like to point out that while this may be an obsession, there are quite a number of crazy pages and things that are nuthouse crazy! There are quite a number of people who will make up a twitter account or Facebook/Myspace page of their favorite character/couple and even go as far as pretending to be that person- even if it was a fictional character! I could understand a twitter account as a tribute as it's just the same as this blog.

The episodes will be random- there's no order or anything to go with a certain phase (like the Stabler separation, Kathy's pregnancy/birth of Eli, Elliot's mother, Jo Marlowe, etc).
Meanwhile the articles are almost in chronological order.