Friday, October 7, 2016

The End... Kinda

I have reached the end of posting for this blog. Everything that I had of the Stablers is all up.
-I will update any entries (such as Bonus Families for John MunchFin TutuolaOlivia Benson and  Don Cragen) as the series continue. I do not plan on doing those kinds of entries for Nick Amaro, Amanda Rollins and Sonny Carisi only because they came on to the series after Elliot Stabler/Christopher Meloni left.

Other exceptions:
-any past photos, articles or interviews that I missed; it's never too late to include! If you have any, please let me know!
-any recent photos, articles or interviews that reference SVU
-any returns to SVU while still on the air
-an occasional "Where Are They Now?"

The very first post has the explanation for this blog of why I made it and to start my readers off, ironically it's the very last post of the blog (although technically this is the last post- hopefully that made sense): For Starters

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Updates as of October 7, 2016 (work in progress):
Bonus Family: Olivia Benson
Bonus Family: Fin Tutuola

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

From Actress to Doctor

From August 2012
The late John Kanzius enjoyed a meaningful job in broadcasting, starting as the chief engineer at WJET-TV at age 22 and rising to become president and general manager. Now Kanzius is remembered for his invention that targets cancer cells with radio waves. Kanzius wasn't a medical researcher, but his ability to use his intellect and imagination to switch gears, from radio engineer to inventor, is meaningful to everyone seeking an alternative, noninvasive treatment for cancer.
Broderick changed direction at a much earlier age than Kanzius, who died in 2009 at age 64. At age 10, she was hired for a commercial. She then worked for 13 years in films, ads and soap operas, eventually landing the role of Maureen, the daughter of star Christopher Meloni, on L&O. "As a kid, it was all play and fun," she says about the acting business. "As an adult, it's an extremely competitive business. It's still fun, but you have to say, 'There is a level of success I may never achieve.'"

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Early Days of SVU

March 2014 A.V. Club
AVC: Was there ever any point where you felt like he was flying off the handle a bit too much, maybe for a reason that didn’t ring true?
Yeah, but you can chalk that up to acting. [Laughs.] I don’t know if it was because I personally felt this way and, without knowing it, I foisted it upon the character, but when I got the job, it was written that I had three kids, and that was about it. And I said to Dick, “You know, I think he should be an ex-Marine, and I think he should have a tattoo on his forearm.” Because I felt that he was a straight arrow, but I felt that the tattoo was a hint that he used to be a little wilder, that there was a wildness that was suppressed within him because he had to tow a certain line, because he had a lot of responsibility, and I think he took “to protect and serve” very seriously.
I also said, “I think he should have four kids. The first one, I think my wife just got pregnant, and we were basically just teenagers, maybe 19 or 20 years old, and it forced us to get married.” That’s not an auspicious way to start, and I think that brings pressure. All of a sudden, you’re starting a family, and it’s under duress. And I said, “I think the last two kids should be twins.” So the only one that was really planned was the middle child, and then it’s, like, “Okay, well, we can deal with three kids,” but then to have four kids on a detective’s salary…? That’s a lot of pressure! I always felt that. I always felt like the guy should be under pressure, and when I toured and interviewed the SVU detectives that I did, the things that they saw and what they had to deal with was rough. Rough stuff. And I think it made me feel such pressure. So I guess that’s what it is: a sense of pressure. A man constantly under pressure. Now whether I did it too much or not? I have no fucking idea.